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        "Entry to Shabat - preparation for the Sabbath
        "Importance of Jewish Sources for Christians"
        "Christian Presence in Jerusalem and Ecumenical relations"
        "Ecumenism and the Importance of Judaism"
        "Ps 95 - A Song for the Sabbath Day. Rabbinical Commentary
        and Significance of the Sabbath for Christians"
        "Jesus of History and of Faith"
        "Christology after Auschwitz"
        "Jewish Prayer"
        "The Synagogue and its Liturgy"
        "History and Liturgy of the Syrian Orthodox Church"
        "Understanding Midrash: Part 1-lecture"
        "Understanding Midrash: Part 2-text study"
        "Desert Experience in Jewish Spirituality"
        "Education for Peace: Text study and discussion"
        "Interreligious Relations Today"

On site visits:
        Ein Kerem
        Ratisbonne Pontifical Institute
        Old City Jerusalem
        Yad Vashem Institute for Holocaust Studies
        Tantur Ecumenical Institute
        Armenian Orthodox Church
        Syrian Orthodox Church
        Coptic Orthodox Church
        A Conservative Synagogue
        Ecce Homo and Lithostrotos on the Via Dolorosa
        Western Wall
        All day visit to Galilee
        Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI)
        Ecumenical Theological Research Center in Israel


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