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Base DIA

Bibliography of the Interconfessional Dialogues
  The base DIA offers a bibliography of interconfessional theological dialogues, both at international level and local level.
More than 18,000 articles are catalogued on-line.





LIST A-RC \ usa: (1990-05) Anglican Orders
Anglican Orders: A New Context for Dialogue
PER: Doctrine and Life 40, 7 (1990) 375-379
Documento: A-RC usa 1990 Anglican Orders: a report on the evolving context of their evaluation in the Roman Catholic Church
Ordinazioni anglicane


  LIST refers to an interconfessional dialogue. It shows the abbreviation, the year and the topic of the dialogue.
E.g. A-RC Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue
E.g. A-RC/usa Anglican Roman Catholic Dialogue in the United States of America

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  The second field refers to the nature of the material:
INFORMATION: press releases and general items, communiques, surveys.
REFLECTION AND REACTIONS: essays, responses, commentaries.
TEXTS AND PAPERS: official reports from the dialogues, official statements and agreements.

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 Anglican Orders: A New Context for Dialogue

  The third and fourth fields are for the author and the title of the article.

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  PER refers to the periodical, volume, issue (year) pages.

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  DOCUMENTO refers to a text that is an official agreement or statement produced by that dialogue. It contains the abbreviation, year and original title of the agreement.

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 Ordinazioni anglicane

  The subject catalogue (now only in Italian) refers to a listing of subject references.

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LIST O-WCC: (0) Orthodox-WCC Relations
Lemopoulos, G. From Canberra to Harare (1991-1998):
activity report reflecting Orthodox contributions to the WCC and the WCC's responses to Orthodox concerns, p. 151-170 in:
FitzGerald, T. , ed., Bouteneff, P. , ed.,
Turn to God - rejoice in hope: Orthodox reflections on the way to Harare : the report of the WCC Orthodox pre-assembly meeting and selected resource materials.
- Geneva : World Council of Churches. Orthodox Task Force,1998.


  The author, the title and the pages of the chapter are followed by the editor, the title and the bibliographical data of the book.


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