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Username: aleph
    The username required for public access is "aleph", without any password. For close the connection, type STOP.
Terminal emulation: normally use VT220
    When connected, the program asks for your terminal emulator.
Normally you can choose option 11 - VT220 emulation.

Availability (the DEM base ...)
    Our database is always available, but during backups or other global operations our base ASC is not available and another base - the DEM base - is opened. Backups and other global operations lock the base ASC. The DEM base is a demonstration archive. It does not contain any data belonging to us. You need to try later or choose the option VIA WEB.
Backups run once a week, on Friday from 5:00 to 5:40 P.M., Italian time (GMT +1).


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