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The Anglican Communion
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Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
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      May 14-20, 2000 - Mississauga, Toronto, Canada
     “Communion in Mission and the Action Plan” -

  1. November 20-24, 2001 - Lambeth Palace, England and Rome, Italy
    "Initial meetings at Lambeth Palace with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, and at the Vatican with Pope John Paul II and with officials of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, in discerning the mandate of the new commission" - COMMUNIQUÉ

  2. November 19-23, 2002 - Mount St. Joseph, Malta
    "Sub-group: The Degree of Faith that Exists between Anglicans and Catholics; Sub-group: Practical Recommendations for the Next Steps in the On-going Process of Ecumenical Reception; Sub-group: Visible and Practical Outcomes of Spiritual Communion with Proposals for Pastoral and Practical Strategies to Help the Two Communions, Especially in Local Contexts, to do Together Whatever is Possible in the Present Stage of Real but Imperfect Communion" - COMMUNIQUÉ

  3. June 10-14, 2003 - Dromantine, Newry, Northern Ireland
    "Drafting and Revising a Statement on the Degree to which we Share a Common Faith, Addressing in Particular the Subjects Treated in Past ARCIC Documents; Work on Reception of ARCIC Documents and Practical Initiatives" - COMMUNIQUÉ

    February 2-7, 2004 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Sub-commission:
    "Ad hoc sub–commission of IARCCUM: Ecclesiological Reflections on the Current Situation in the Anglican Communion in the Light of ARCIC" - REPORT

  4. November 10-15, 2005 - Palazzola (near Rome), Italy
    Review of work on the project to produce a common statement to identify a sufficient degree of agreement in faith to enable the development of a deepened common life and mission together - COMMUNIQUÉ

CO-CHAIRMEN: Bishop David Beetge (Anglican) South Africa

Archbishop John Bathersby (Catholic) Australia

CO-SECRETARIES: Canon David Hamid (Anglican) 2001-2002

Bishop John Baycroft (Anglican) 2002-2003

Canon Gregory Cameron (Anglican) 2003-
        Palace Court, 222 Lambeth Rd.
        London SE1 7LB, England

Msgr. Donald Bolen (Catholic) 2001-2008

Msgr. Mark Langham (Catholic) 2008-
        Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
        Via della Conciliazione, 5
        I-00193 Rome, Italy



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