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6. Bible Translation

Although the churches differ from each other in their understanding, both of the authority and the interpretation of the Bible, they all accept it as the basis of their thinking and their teaching. This common point of reference can be made manifest even more than hitherto if they begin to use the same editions of the original text and the same translations. The translation of Scriptures is therefore one of the tasks which can be undertaken and furthered together. If the Gospel is really to enter the various cultures, the Bible must be translated into still more languages, and as translations constantly need revision, existing differences can be gradually overcome by a common effort.

In these last years much has been achieved. In some countries existing translations have been made available for wider use, in other countries new translations are being undertaken. Conversations between the Roman Catholic Church and the United Bible Societies have shown that it is possible to find solutions to problems which hitherto presented difficulties (use of original text, Apocrypha, adding of notes, etc.).

In April 1966, the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity was entrusted with the task of inquiring of the Roman Catholic Episcopal Conferences concerning the needs and possibilities of Bible translation and concerning possible co-operation with other Christians in this field. The replies show that the overwhelming majority of episcopal conferences is in favor of such co-operation. About one hundred projects have been decided or are currently under discussion. The principles to guide this collaboration have been clarified in discussions between the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity and the United Bible Societies. The United Bible Societies have already organized a meeting of African Bible Societies and representatives of some churches (Winneba, Ghana, March 1967), in order to plan policies of collaboration throughout Africa for the next six years, and similar meetings are planned for Europa, Asia and the Americas.

The Joint Working Group has no direct responsibility for this co-operation. It is of such importance for the churches, however, that it decided to refer to it in its report. The Joint Working Group wants to give its full support to this work and expresses the hope that churches and individual Christians will join in this common effort.

[Information Service 3 (1967) 28-33]


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