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III. Particular Problems Concerning Various Areas of Collaboration

16. The Bible

    In several countries joint translations of the Bible are being undertaken. In certain cases Protestant translations have been used by the Roman Catholic Church. The Bible Societies and various churches have shown a lively interest in this joint action. The recent Vatican Council Constitution on Divine Revelation has encouraged such projects. ("Quae si, data opportunitate et annuente Ecclesiae auctoritate, conficiantur (versiones) communi etiam cum fratribus seiunctis nisu, ab omnibus christianis adhiberi poterunt": Constitutio dogmatica De Divina Revelatione, 18 nov. 1965, n. 22). Cf. supra pp. 9-11.

17. Easter

    The fixing of one date on which all Christians would celebrate Easter is undoubtedly a project worthy of attention. The Group feels that detailed enquiry and study should be pursued on this point. Several churches have made their viewpoints known (see the study undertaken by the "Universal Council for Life and Work"). The Roman Catholic Church recently stated its position on this matter in the appendix to the Vatican Council's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. Cf. supra p. 16.

18. Liturgy

    It is also desirable in the liturgical field that wherever Christians use the same prayers (biblical or other), identical texts should be available. This will greatly facilitate common prayer. We have only to think for example, of the advantages that would accrue from having the same version of the Lord's Prayer in each language. The Group intends to encourage all that can be done along these lines.


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