Rio Report: The Word of Life. A Statement on Revelation and Faith
Part Two Faith
I The Faith By Which We Believe
II The Faith Which is Believed
III The Fruitfulness Of Faith
    A. The Growth of Faith
        1. History and Development
        2. The Church and Its Environment
    B. The Fruits of Faith
        1. Confession
        2. Spiritual Life
        3. Worship
        4. Service
    C. The Discernment of Faith
        1. Criteria for Discernment
        i) Fidelity to Scripture
        ii) Sentire cum Ecclesia
        iii) Reception
        iv) By their fruits
        2. Agents of Discernment
        i) Discernment by the People of God
        ii) Prophetic Discernment
        iii) Pastoral Discernment
        iv) Convergence in Discernment