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Final Report 2003


Called Together
To Be Peacemakers

Report of the International Dialogue
between the Catholic Church
and Mennonite World Conference




I. Considering History Together

  A. Introduction: A Shared Hermeneutic or Re-reading of Church History

B. A Profile of the Religious Situation of Western Europe on the Eve of the Reformation

C. The Rupture between Catholics and Anabaptists

D. The Constantinian Era

E. Toward A Shared Understanding of the Middle Ages

II. Considering Theology Together

  A. The Nature of the Church

B. Sacraments and Ordinances

C. Our Commitment to Peace

III. Toward a Healing of Memories

  A. The Purification of Memories

B. Sacraments and Ordinance

C. Ascertaining a Shared Christian Faith

D. Improving Our Relationships


Appendix: Bibliography of Dialogue Papers and Their Authors



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