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 IV. The Continuation of Our Work
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IV. The Continuation of Our Work

    19. Our Joint Working Group has been in existence since the agreement reached last February. The work that has been accomplished, though quite considerable in itself, is very little in comparison with all that remains to be done. Most of the questions above are either only in process of study or else in the early stages of execution. In addition there remain a whole series of problems which we have not even touched yet. One of the main reasons for this is the need to examine together, and to take into account for our future work the documents of the Vatican Council that were not at our disposal when we held our last meeting.

    We would mention here, simply as examples, some of the major issues that deserve study in the future:

a) The training of clergy and laity with an ecumenical outlook. At the same time it might be possible to undertake a study of catechisms and other texts used in religious instruction in which other churches are not always objectively presented.

b) The doctrine and practice of baptism.

c) The theology of marriage; and mixed marriages between Christians.

d) The practical consequences of religious liberty.

e) Problems presented by proselytism.

f) Problems of youth.


Appendix I

List of Members of the Joint Working Group

World Council of Churches

Rev. Dr. W. A. Visser't Hooft, World Council of Churches
Rev. Archpriest Vitaly Borovoy, World Council of Churches
Rev. Dr. R. H. E. Espy, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
Dr. N. A. Nissiotis, Ecumenical Institute-Bossey, Switzerland
Professor Dr. E. Schlink, Germany
The Rt. Rev. O. S. Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol, England
Father Paul Verghese, World Council of Churches
Rev. Dr. Lukas Vischer, World Council of Churches

Roman Catholic Members

The Most Rev. J. G. M. Willebrands, Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, Vatican
The Most Rev. Thomas Holland, Bishop of Salford, England
Mgr. William W. Baum, Bishops' Commission for Ecumenical Affairs, USA
Mgr. Carlo Bayer, Caritas Internationalis, Italy
Rev. Pierre Duprey, W. F., Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, Vatican
Rev. Jerôme Hamer, OP, Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, Vatican


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