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    131. The Joint Commission between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Methodist Council has existed for thirty years. Its work has passed through at least two generations. The first need was for mutual acquaintance; and for a decade and more, the Commission engaged in this by way of self-introduction and the preliminary tackling together of doctrinal, ethical and pastoral issues that were being faced on the wider ecumenical scene. A second stage developed as the attempt was made to sketch broad theological perspectives, acceptable to both Roman Catholics and Methodists, in which it would eventually become possible to treat the matters which divide us. The Commission believes that a considerable commonality of outlook has been established in the areas of Pneumatology (1981 Report), Ecclesiology (1986 Report), the Apostolic Tradition (1991 Report), and now Revelation and Faith (1996 Report).

    132. The time may have come for concentration, in the directions thus shown, on some of those more detailed questions that have recurrently caused difficulty among us. In particular, future study could address the related topics of pastoral and doctrinal authority, the offices of oversight in the Church and succession in them, and the offer made by Rome of a Petrine ministry in the service of unity and communion. We should thus be encouraged to pursue, more immediately and at a deeper level, the understanding that we both have of ourselves and of our partners in respect to the one Church of Jesus Christ and the communion which belongs to the body of Christ.

[Information Service 92 (1996/III) 108-125]


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